Judy Rae

Marching Orders – Music Man at Norris Theatre

Marching Orders – Music Man at Norris Theatre

“The Music Man” takes place in 1912 and is set in River City, Iowa.

Marching Orders The Music Man raises his baton at the Norris Theatre by Bondo Wyszpolski Most Broadway musicals come and go, but 60 years after its debut “The Music Man” still lights up the theater marquees across the country. Right now it’s lighting up the Norris Theatre marquee in Rolling Hills Estates, where it’s playing […]

 Judy Rae

Heart and Seoul by the Asia America Symphony

Heart and Seoul by the Asia America Symphony

by Bondo Wyszpolski In a matter of days, 32 young musicians from Seoul, South Korea will embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The highlight of their trip to Southern California (apart from a planned visit to Disneyland, of course) is liable to be the concert they are scheduled to perform on Feb. 16 at […]

 Robb Fulcher

PENINSULA ARTS – Dynamic duo

Frances Steiner and Dr. Peter Barrett perform key roles for the cultural gem that is the Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay When patrons fill the Norris Theater for the Oct. 18 opening performance of the Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay’s 34th season, they’ll know they’re in good hands. At the baton will be […]


This is his brain on music – Daniel Levitin, world-renowned neuroscientist and author of the acclaimed “This Is Your Brain on Music”

The first two sets of stereo speakers Daniel Levitin ever owned landed him in big trouble. The first he played so loudly they drew the ire of his father, the second he played so loudly they caught on fire in his college dorm room. Both incidents indirectly led Levitin to one of the most unusual […]


LA Phil Peninsula Committee Tea [PHOTOS]

[scrollGallery id = 478] Patrons, Sustainers and Inactive members were invited to a lovely September afternoon tea at the Miraleste home of Donna Broderick. Many of the guests were active in the committee from before and during the first Music Fair fundraisers supporting the LA Philharmonic. This year’s Music Fair II takes place Sunday October […]


Benoit drums up more magic with taiko musician Hayashida

For the past decade, Asia America Symphony director David Benoit has conducted a series of magical, East-West collaborations between his symphony, his trio and Asian guest musicians. The guests have included koto player June Kuramato of Hiroshima, erhu player Karen Hua-Qi Han, who performed on the soundtrack for ‘Memoirs of a Geisha,” the Ahn Trio, […]